Homework: Heroic Atramedes

Heroic Atramedes:

Tank: Pyritee

DPS: Triven Tyler, Juan, Rurik, Emen, Kagya

Healers: Alacran, Lurin, Klaytus


Ground Phase:

–         All stack on Pyritee and Pyritee will make the call to “move right”

–         Sonic Breath, the targeted person will move left around the boss. Juan will call it out.

–         Searing Flame, Triven will hit gong (Nef will be destroying gongs)

–         Imps spawn twice on ground phase, Triven andTylerfocus fire the imps


Air Phase:

–         Klaytus will use body and soul on the first target. (targeted toon run around the outside of the room

–         Juan hits gong after 5 seconds

–         Juan will wrap the flames around the starting bell

–         Klaytus will follow and pull Juan back to the group once he rounds the bell


–         We only get five gongs

–         Watching fight mechanics is key

–         Imps need to die instantly (they can only be targeted once they are on the back of a raider)

–         Alacran can dps between searing flame.

Healer Cooldowns:

–         1st searing flame – Lurin

–         2nd searing flame – Klaytus

–         3rd searing flame – Alacran

–         Healers need to start seconds before searing flame hits

–         Blue and Green circles need to be down before searing flame.


3 responses

  1. Another way to deal with “soft enrage” timer (gongs) is to have Klaytus hitting them on ground phase so Triven doesn’ lose DPS.

    Remind me to pickup some swiftness pots for the raid.

    You are saying that we should use healing cooldowns for searing flames – there are a lot of different options:

    Damage Reduction:
    Have Pyritee use his raid cooldown on searing flames. Divine Guardian I think it is.

    If Kagya can do it, bring Unholy for AMZ on 2nd searing flame. Not sure how bad it will be.

    As long as people dont get hit by anything we should be able to heal it up after it goes off.

    If you want raid healing cooldowns:
    We could do Lurin tranquility 1st and 3rd searing flame and feral tranq with emen divine hymn on second searing flame.

    May 11, 2011 at 11:02 am

  2. Notes from First night of attempts:

    “All stack on Pyritee and Pyritee will make the call to “move right””
    On Ground phase, don’t move until the group does. If you move too soon you will get everyone hit by a full disc. That’s going to wipe us.

    “Sonic Breath, the targeted person will move left around the boss. Juan will call it out.”
    This was one of the most failed mechanics. Juan didn’t call it out as much as he could of, but you need to be responsible for yourself. Get DBM installed if you don’t have it. It puts up a very obvious warning in blue letters on your screen. Move LEFT LEFT always left.

    “Healers need to start seconds before searing flame hits”
    Tranquility could have been used a few seconds sooner, people came dangerously close to dying.

    “Imps need to die instantly”
    On the second imp spawning on ground phase we sometimes had it still up in air phase. Those still need to be killed. Top Priority.

    “targeted toon run around the outside of the room”
    This is for air phase. If you don’t have a speed boost, think about getting some swiftness pots for this encounter. EVERYONE should be on the move to the outside of the room even before a target is picked just in case you get targetted. If your sound is already high, you’ll most likely get killed instantly, just try to take less sound in Ground Phase.

    On air phase, you don’t need to run around like chickens. You can just move back and forth out of the ground attacks. The closer you get to other players will greatly increase the chances of someone getting nailed. Stay spread out.

    May 12, 2011 at 2:31 pm

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